Fedora-fu time to upgrade (again)

I decided that the next upgrade will be a complete reinstall. My main NVME 1TB is full at 95%. So I think it’s time to optimize how I configure my storage.

Fedora 33 :

Root 450Mb
/home 248Gb ->
5.2G    godot
5.7G    LinuxVR
14G     VirtualBox VMs
22G     Music
26G     github
29G     Videos
106G    Downloads
/var 239Gb -> mostly libvirt
/steam 321Gb

1TB for rootfs and home

rootfs “/” I will go with btrfs as snapshots can help identify changes to /etc
/home will also be btrfs but on it’s own volume
It’s best to keep them on the same media and encrypted.
Leave lots of space because if you use containers like podman/toolbox it will fill up !

/boot       ext4 2Gb
/           btrfs @ 200Gb
/home       btrfs @home 800Gb

Additional storage

/steam will be xfs for storing large game data on a separate storage 1-2TB


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